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NSP WikiThis wiki site is a collaborative resource tool for communities fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest. It is the hope of this site to provide a comprehensive source of information on these projects and the actors and concepts that constitute this struggle. It will be a place in which we can make the tracking of updates and information of each others fights accessible and legible as allies and in turn make new engagement with our movement and solidarity efforts stronger.

To can read about proposed developments on the Community Portal Page or use the Wiki Map, which marks proposals for new fossil fuel projects in the Northwest. Click the markers for a link to an article on that project.

Organizing Resources

Check out this amazing source of resources… everything you need to know!


D. Neu and R. Therrien – Chapter 8 – Ecocide

Decolonization is not a metaphor – Article in Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society by Eve Tuck (State University of New York at New Paltz) and K. Wayne Yang (University of California, San Diego). Decolonization is not a metaphor

Subjects of Empire: Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Recognition in Colonial Contexts 1 – Glen S. Coulthard (Department of Political Science, University of Toronto). Subjects of Empire – Indigenous Peoples and the Politics of Recognition in Colonial Contexts1


The Tyee Series by Andrew Nikiforuk:

Rising Tide Fracking Backgrounder:

Council of Canadians Fracking Factsheet:

Energy Justice Network:

Frack Off UK:

Interesting Fracking Films
Dr. Ingraffea Facts on Fracking

Unearthed The Fracking Facade documentary

Gasland trailer (11m)

Fracking : Things Find a Way

Also check out…

Fractured Land Film –

Stop the flow film –


Download a letter to deliver to Chevron or investors associated with the pipeline – Chevron Letter

Download a Canada specific leaflet for your action – Chevron Flyer

Global Template Leaflet for the Day of Action (Click on image and then right click and select ‘Save Image As’). You can use the basic computer programme ‘Paint’ (or similar) to add a few sentences to the leaflet about what you are doing locally and your website address. Use the ‘A’ Text tool to add text. To make it match use ‘Arial’ Font.

Template Day of Action Poster (Click on image and then right click and select ‘Save Image As’)


Primary Target
Chevron (offices, stations, brand) –

Canada Chevron Station Finder –

Secondary Targets
Institutional Investors in Chevron

1) State Street Corporation – – offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

2) Vanguard Group – – office in Toronto

3) Capital Group – – office in Toronto

4) Royal Bank of Canada –

Rising Tide UK’s ’15 Actions to Topple the Fossil Fuel Empire’:

The Ruckus Society’s Eco-Justice Action Ideas (Ruckus also has tons of amazing info on action planning)

50 Ideas for climate actions (an oldie but a goodie from the UK)

Snowball Fight Anyone?


Information about Chevron
True Cost of Chevron –

Chevron in Ecuador –

Chevron in Nigeria –

Information about the Pacific Trail Pipeline
Council of Canadians Handbill:

Warrior Publications: – “We’re stopping them, there’s no way around us…” – “The implications of Chevron’s big move into gas export pipelines in B.C.”


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Articles and Information
Principles of Environmental Justice
Responding to Campaigns Opposing the Canada-China Investment Agreement
‘Canada’s Carbon Corridor’ Part 1: Connecting the Dots Across Northern BC

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